Working as a freelance photographer since 1985, all my work is for creative led design agencies in the UK and USA

My core experience has been working on brand communication projects, chiefly within the world of FTSE and Dow listed companies, but lately I have become more involved in stock shoots (including video) for re-brand projects and other conceptual briefs in digital, print, advertising and archive development.

I work in a reportage style: very low key, very little fuss. I prefer to observe rather than organise, producing work that looks neither staged nor fussy. My web site will show this (hopefully).

A client recently stated: "...You can put him in front of any employee, from entry-level to C-level, and he'll win them over every time; which of course is the key to good portraits. Is he creative? You can stick him in the crummiest corporate environments peopled with the grimmest souls and he'll still deliver interesting, vibrant shots. If asked to appraise John in a single sentence, I'd say that he always worries more than I do about the quality of the work -- and I worry a lot.” ~Matt Curtis, Milliman, Seattle.

I happily work with and without art directors and travel extensively with regular visits to south east Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas.

Commissions through graphic design and brand communication agencies have come from companies such as Samsung, Rolls Royce, Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, EY, Siemens, El Al, jetBlue, Jaguar Land Rover, Royal Mail Stamps, National Grid, Credit Suisse and sundry others.

Specialties: Working in real-life environments with real people, capturing the true nature of work life in a broad spectrum of business and industrial disciplines. Effectively capturing images that reflect a culture's authenticity in a candid, honest way, without artefact or creative prejudice.